Fiscal Responsibility


I have said before that Lethbridge does not have a revenue problem, we have an expense problem. We’re spending a lot of money inefficiently or on projects that simply aren’t necessary at this time, especially as we come out of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

I appreciate the value of arts, entertainment, recreation, and leisure. These things are important to each of us, and crucial in their own rights, but these things cannot come at the expense of projects and infrastructure that are essential to the functioning of our city. 

In the same way you would not buy a new television, until you had paid those necessary bills like utilities, rent or mortgage payments, and groceries, so the City of Lethbridge should not spend money on novelty and unnecessary projects until we have settled our essential expenses. So far these new projects, and our inefficient spending, has come at the expense of our taxpayers, and Lethbridge residents are paying some of the highest rates of property taxes in Alberta.

I want better for the people of Lethbridge. I will focus on developing efficiencies to lower taxes, implement the KPMG Review recommendations, and explore other new opportunities to save the taxpayer money. In this way, we can reduce municipal spending and therefore our taxes, and potentially use some of the money saved from these efficiencies to support our wants like arts, entertainment, recreation, and leisure. 

As your Mayor I will be fiscally responsible and prioritize needs over wants. 

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  • Levi Guerra
    published this page in Priorities 2021-09-22 09:56:30 -0600