Our Lethbridge Transit system is just not sustainable in its current form. It’s our third largest tax supported service, next to our emergency services like the LPS and our Lethbridge Fire Department, and we need a long term plan to manage it.  

I believe transit is essential to our community. Our current fleet of buses is aging and costly to maintain and without a long term plan, the future of Transit in Lethbridge will depend on short-term solutions like tax hikes or service cuts to meet budget demands. This isn't fair to our taxpayers or our transit users who rely on this essential service.

While our fleet of buses are approaching the end of their service lives, I will phase in a more varied and cost effective transit fleet to replace them. I want to build an environmentally and financially sustainable transit solution that could involve electric and hybrid vehicles, smaller buses for off-peak routes and times, and other solutions developed by partnering with other levels of government, private enterprises, and other stakeholders. 

As your Mayor I will work to improve the quality of our Transit system and its services, while reducing its impact on our environment and municipal budget. 

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  • Levi Guerra
    published this page in Priorities 2021-06-11 10:14:35 -0600